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Big Cat Vs. Jose Canseco at Rough and Rowdy?!?! | @BarstoolBigCat @josecanseco @Billyhottakes

It took a year, and a half, but Jose Canseco finally accepted Big Cats challenge to fight him at Rough and Rowdy. The back story to this is pretty unsurprisingly hilarious. When A-Rod (Big Cat’s other boss) got engaged to J Lo, Jose apparently wasn’t very happy about it. He went to twitter and accused A Rod of cheating on J Lo with his Ex Wife, Jessica. Jose didn’t stop there, he then went on to say he would take a Polygraph to prove he isn’t lying about the accusations, and he would also like to challenge A Rod to a boxing or MMA fight.

Once this all became public, Big Cat had to come to the defense of his boss. On a March 11, 2019 Rundown, Big Cat said “Jose Canseco…I’ve challenged him to Rough and Rowdy…I need like 6 months to train, but I will fight him in Rough and Rowdy, I will use every dollar this company makes to make me the lean mean fighting machine “. The best part is KFC warning Big Cat the entire time ” Jose Canseco will accept, he is the type to do this for like 2500 bucks ” and then goes on to again say ” You realize this is very very possible … “.

So here we are, now a year and a half later and from the rafters Jose Canseco comes out of nowhere calling out Big Cat. Now I don’t know about you, but Jose Canseco is absolutely on my short list of people I don’t want tweeting me asking to fight. He is right up there with O.J, Aaron Donald, and Mike Tyson.

Big Cat quickly came to the defense of his boss, and luckily, he now has someone to do the same for him. Insert, Billy Football, who appears to be dying to get his ass kicked. He has spent the last two weeks doing everything he can to catch Jake Paul’s attention for a fight.

Ultimately, I don’t believe any of these fights will happen, but that doesn’t mean we cant at least enjoy the idea. I wouldn’t mind seeing them put together some kind of Pardon My Take vs Jose Canseco, Hell in a cell match.

I can just picture Billy accidentally putting himself through a table, or knocking out one of his own co host, most likely Hank. The build up to the match would be wildly entertaining as well. Team PMT would be almost like a Conor McGregor in how they almost have the fight won, before it even starts. I cant imagine Jose Canseco’s brain is much bigger than his shriveled balls. P.S I love how Billy wont give up on Jake Paul

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