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Big Cat is The Voice Of Our Generation And Needs To Sing The National Anthem At Every Major Sporting Event @BarstoolBigCat

Written by schultzyca

Big Cat needs to sing the national anthem at every major sporting; NBA Finals, World Series, NHL Finals, Super Bowl, every major in golf, and anything college football related. It actually should be made mandatory.

It certainly has not been an easy few days in America with everything going on in the middle east and our service men and women but I think everytime Big Cat sings the national anthem we heal as a country little by little. I also believe that since he is the voice of our generation we come together more than we would.

I just would like to get a petition going to Congress to get Big Cat to sing the national anthem at every major sporting event. I will not rest until it is made into a reality. Thank you Dan for everything, we love you!

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