Big Guy. Big Cry. Ryback Threatens Attorney After Us. | Mad About Eating Humans? | @Ryback

Written by TrevStone

Earlier today PSE blogger, Michael W Rickard who I consider to be one of the best bloggers at ProSportsExtra not because he gets huge amounts of views but because his titles are solid and he’s great with words, he wrote a blog about some wrestler Ryback? I don’t even really know who he is. Besides the fact that he has 1M followers and gets 30 likes on posts. Wrestled about 10 years ago and yeah, that’s all I know about him. And apparently he doesn’t like when people joke around about him eating people, even if he posts about it.

Ryback apparently took the blog very serious and is threatening to forward this to his attorney. Read this.

Well big guy. You like to big cry. Who the hell cares? You’re really that mad about a blog that’s clearly filled with jokes? Have you actually ate a person? Because in reality that would and should be the only you’re upset. Then to say that the blogger clearly has negative intentions, are you kidding me? You’re that soft? 40 years old and you’re crying about this?

And to want an apology? BIG GUY. BIG CRY. And on the flip side, the title of the blog and everything in it is very truthful. Don’t post stuff like this:

HE LITERALLY POSTED ABOUT WHY DON’T WE EAT OTHER HUMANS?! Did this guy knock his head off the ring too many times? What the hell. Normally when someone asks for something down, I’m willing to try and work out a deal. He didn’t want to do that.

Here is your apology you asked for Ryback. Not from Mike, but from me, the guy who founded this website 10 years ago.

What is Rybacks reaction to all of this?

Maybe he should spend less time googling his names and articles he’s mentioned in and actually try and accomplish something productive again. How can you be known for 5 minutes in the WWE?

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