Big boobs Matter

Why do platforms stand with Karen’s in the crusade to cancel anybody who is more attractive than they are?

Big boobs matter

I can’t help but think of the line in mean girls when she says, “I can’t help that I’m popular.” I don’t know if there is a hit out on some of us, but we are definitely sought after targets of the Karen regime or even each other.

I went to Aruba for a shootcation. Photographers in the modeling community often host these on location events that consist of a handful of models and photographers. They bring a makeup artist, hair person, and book a killer Airbnb somewhere beautiful. We all work together, and the concept is great! Our fans can see their favorite models together, and that is what it’s all about, right? Well, some of us in the industry have access to these guys who can help buy followers or create bots to reportedly report someone’s account and get them shut down. It is no secret that I am a very vocal person, but I also value things like being humble, professional, and respectful of one another’s hustle. If I pay to do something, I’m spending time away from my family to make money and provide my fans with something new, as is everyone else there. Long story short, I was very vocal is saying we are all here to do the same thing, 1 million followers or 20k followers. That did not sit well with said model, she paid to have my account shut down. Now, of course, I’m cautious moving forward.


Women are crazy, men constantly say it, but they only see it until they experience it. Could you imagine LeBron and Michael playing together and having Michael pay somebody he knows to cancel LeBrons social media account because he was upset at the foul on the court?

Texas Thighs mentioned below

Fellow IG model, Texas Thighs, has had to endure being banned from TikTok multiple times as well. Pamela Anderson didn’t have to compete with Carmen Electra or tell Hugh not to publish her. We all have our staples and provide you all with amazing views and boners. We take pride in our work. When will that work be protected, though? It’s almost like we have to start a movement to protect the boobs, butts, and boners. Or, we just need to introduce a bill to congress that asks for the funding of boob jobs for every Karen in America, so they can get off our backs. All we really want is our platform called the boner factory! Anyways check out our OnlyFans and IG accounts.

Texas Thighs
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