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Big Bang for Your Buck: Actress Auctioning Her Vagina

Written by Mike Rickard II

In a move that is certain to have horndogs everywhere clamoring for more cryptocurrency, actress Cara Delevinge is selling an NFT (non-fungible token) of her glorious clitoris and all the relevant pieces parts. The English model, actress, and singer is making her love box (or “fanny” as they call it in the UK) available for someone looking to dish out the digital coin for her digital naughty bits. Ms. Delevinge’s auction is reportedly raising funds for the Cara Delevinge Foundation, which states its mission is “building on Cara’s passion for protecting the climate and advocating for the rights of vulnerable women across the globe.

In case you’re wondering what an NFT is, the article at Hollywood Reporter has all the information you need to know:

An NFT is a digital asset that represents art, music, videos and other real-world items. They’re typically bought and sold with cryptocurrency. Each is considered one-of-a-kind even if it can be copied (for instance: The “disaster girl” meme has been reproduced countless times online, but the woman in the photo recently auctioned off an NFT of her meme for $500,000). The appeal is that the owner holds what might be considered a definitive digital “official” version of an item that can then increase in value

Cara Delevinge posted a video on Instagram letting the world know that her magic box is for sale:

If this auction succeeds, chalk it down as another example of the P.O.P. (power of the pussy) whether it’s former WWE Diva Sunny selling access on OnlyFans for serious bank or correctional officers allegedly “dating” inmates). For those of you who might think it’s ridiculous to buy something you’ll never have physical access to, just consider it a warm-up for married life.

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