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Big Apple’s Big Problems

Written by Boomer

This offseason, more than any in recent past, will be the most important for the New Jersey, excuse me, New York Giants.  Situation number one has three initial, OBJ.


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This cat wants to be the highest paid player in the NFL because he was on video making a slightly better than routine one-handed catch.  Have you been on YouTube lately OBJ, dime a dozen my friend, dime a dozen.  Don’t wait too long.  A guy by the name of Jarvis Laundry will be available in free agency and did I mention he led the league in catches this year?  Exciting outcome regarding personnel to play out here.

No doubt, the impact of this will be huge for the Giants, it won’t fill the biggest need in the offseason, regardless of the outcome.  The Giants are in desperate need of a new Quarterback as well as a complete overhaul of the offensive line.  With a lackluster year, they have earned themselves the number two spot in the 2018 NFL draft.  Eh umm, Josh Rosen, please!  A college quarterback by age, but a mid-career vet by skill.  This guy could make an immediate impact.  With the amount of skilled O-lineman available in free agency this year, I don’t know how you pass this opportunity at a future star up.  Fill that spot and build the offense around him.  This has franchise quarterback written all over it.


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Another situation to address is the coaching vacancy that still exists.  Many rumors have surfaced, with some validity added behind Pat Shurmur, the OC for the Vikings.  What a season this guy has produced.  Would be an immediate impact and boost in offense capabilities with this addition.  Also adds, if the Rosen thing falls through, a potential for a Case Keenum siting in New York.  With Keenum being a free agent, it might be a nice incentive to bring him along.

Another option to fill a necessity is the running back play that has existed in New York as of late.  Please help Shaquan Barkley, our savior from the State Penn.  Barkley, if New York has some options to trade their top pick for some other appealing options, could be available at a later spot in the draft.  This guy has it all.  Best back to be available since Reggie Bush came rolling in an Escalade.


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A view from the Goodyear Blimp will show a massive level of talent on Defense.  However, digging into the trenches, it is evident that through petty discrepancies and adult temper tantrums, they guys currently can’t play together.  This is an area that can be easily fixed through coaching and will only be a minor issue a few games into the season.


At the end of the day, let’s tone is back to reality and be honest for a minute.  The New Jersey Giants will overpay for OBJ and dig themselves into a deeper hole.  They will play the Cleveland Browns game and hope their draft picks work out over the next five years.  Due to his appeal from fans, OBJ will likely hand-cuff the organization due to the number of dollars his name floods into the organization through merchandise sales alone.  The salary cap will become an issue and won’t leave much room to work with over the coming years.  PSA to the Giants fans, let’s hope your new GM and coach can get it done in the draft as the sunset is slowly approaching!

 edited by: Brandon Vonnahme


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