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Biden’s Team Won’t Reach Out To Andrew Yang, And It Makes Sense! Yang Is Too Smart?! #YangGang – @AndrewYang @JoeBiden @ZachandMattShow

Written by TrevStone

I don’t understand this but according to reports Joe Bidens team hasn’t reached out to former Presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

For some that is disappointing news.
I personally wanted Yang in the Biden team. But with Yang calling out Democrats – they might be scared to bring him on because he keeps it real on both sides.

CNN had formerly listed Andrew Yang as their top pick for Secretary of Commerce under Joe Biden. Now it’s looking like that isn’t going to happen. Yang showed support for Biden throughout this entire run and it’s shocking to me that Biden’s team hasn’t reached out.

Most recently he tweeted that he can’t wait to the day we can’t blame everything on Trump. Basically saying that yeah, he is some of the problem. But not all of it like most Democrats put forward.

This keeps the possibly open up for Yang running in 2024. Also will leave the door open for Yang to run for Mayor of New York which everyone is expecting.

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