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Betting On Sports: It Could Happen Sooner Than We Think

With news that Adam Silver could potentially be moving to be the new commissioner to the NFL, there could be a game-changing move that he could pull to bring excitement back into the NFL as soon as he steps foot in the door: legalizing sports betting.

Betting on sports, legal or otherwise, happens all over the world, but for some reason the US (except a few places like Las Vegas) has outlawed this practice. Adam Silver, however, is a big proponent of being legalized sports betting to the NBA, stating that “My sense is the law will change in the next few years in the United States,” Silver said at a conference at the Paley Center in New York. “People want to bet throughout the game … It results in enormous additional engagement with the fans.”

If betting does become legalized in America then there’s going to be a vast array of sports to look into betting on. An example of this could be tennis betting. If you aren’t sure how to bet on a sport like this but see potential you could check out a website like TeamFA. They have pages dedicated to betting on different sports like one for betting on tennis matches and many more.

Now just think, what if Silver could bring betting to an even more popular sport? He would be the commissioner that brings the opportunity for people to make (or lose) millions of dollars every week in the NFL, and he could be the spearhead of the entire operation.

There would be huge advertising opportunities, as well as a giant stream of new tax revenue for the government with taxable winnings. It only makes sense for Silver to move to the NFL, and make this a reality for sports fans.

There’s also a multitude of gray area sites that consider themselves “games of skill”, but hopefully what they really become is the “foot in the door” so to speak to allow people like Silver to get sports betting approved across the country. Fanduel and Draftkings are the two most popular, and although they have undergone a lot of scrutiny, they still remain widely used, and extremely popular for sports fans and betting enthusiasts alike.

One step closer to legalization PC:

One step closer to legalization PC
The biggest reason for legalized sports betting is that it already happens anyway, without taxation, and it happens all across the world. There are thousands of betting sites out there, and are used by millions of people all over the world, so keeping the US out of it just seems ridiculous. According to the American Gaming Association, a total of $95 billion will be wagered on National Football League and college football games throughout the course of this season.

A whopping $93 billion (or 98%) of that figure will be wagered through illegal channels. It already happens, so we might as well legalize it, tax it, and just let everyone have a good time, and maybe make a few bucks as well.

Let the people have some fun! PC:

Let the people have some fun! PC
What do you think? Is legalized sports betting going to happen soon in the US? Can Silver be the one to make that happen? Let us know in the comments below.

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