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Horse racing isn’t a new underground sport, appearing for the first time. It’s quite the opposite, instead! In terms of being around, it’s one of the oldest sports in history, with very few changes in the way it works. We can actually go as back as 4500 BC with the nomadic tribes of central Asia – the first ones to domesticate horses. Regarding its popularity, and even though it has suffered a slight decline in the past few years, here are some values that will give you an overall idea. The 2015 Grand National, one of the most popular races, on top of its national audience of 8.9 million brits, it gathered a global audience of over 600 million people, from around 140 different countries. That’s 6 times more people than last year’s Super Bowl.

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Now that we’ve established the history and popularity of horse racing, it’s time to talk about a different sport, born from the first one. With every kind of race, there’s the ones who enjoy predicting the outcome and bet on it. That’s why it’s not that surprising that horse race betting is such a popular thing. Actually, it will be much harder finding anyone watching a horse race without a bet on it, than the opposite. 

It doesn’t matter if you do it as a hobby, or if you’ve mastered it enough to be able to work full-time, working with a website or application that understands exactly what you want to do, offers an intuitive interface, a large variety of different types-bets, and the best odds is essential. That’s why we’re here to show you the best websites you can use for betting on horse races! Now, these are just online platforms, so if you want something more next level, be sure to take a look at the best horse software.

William Hill

William Hill is a sport betting classic. It’s physical business dates back to 1934, while it’s online presence started in 1998. Licensed in four of the world’s eight largest regulated gambling markets, it’s one of the most widely recognized brands among horse betting websites.

Some of its great features include an unbeatable financial stability and reliability and a 24/ customer service. You can see that in their value statement: “To go one better, we have our eyes on the customer, because they matter most.” Transaction security and complete transparency also makes it the number one horse betting website in the U.K. Regarding the interface, not only do you work with an intuitive and well-designed website, but the amount and quality of expertise they offer is amazing. Lastly, extra features like a mobile app, a variety of payment methods and a welcome bonus are what you need to convince you to sign in.


You can quickly read on their website the main 3 R’s their company is standing on: Reliability, Reputation and Real Fast Payouts. Known worldwide, it has been on the top 5 of this genre since 2007, increasing its popularity every year. Mainly focus on Eastern Europe, due to the ability to circumvent the strict betting regulations of most of those countries.

Coming in different languages, the service that it offers is reliable, professional, comprehensive and diverse, as it offers a large variety of categories to bet on, from sports, casino, bingo and, our favorite, horse racing – all coming with a handy livestream.

It’s selling point is the ability to offer mirror versions, meaning that if their website is blocked in your country, you can still access and enjoy their service. And don’t get us started on their stunning odds!


888Sport was launched in 2008 and it has been taking its brand’s name to a large audience, all around the world, in the past 12 years. Among the great service it offers, which we’ll talk about right away, its main selling point is the fun experience their users can enjoy, whichever game they play or bet on their website: “Att 888, we infused every game we offer with that feeling of fun and excitement so that you have the best possible gaming experience.”

About its horse racing betting service – high quality. Incensed in a variety of regions, the website gives you a deeply professional and expertly delivered experience, as well as a rock-solid and financial stability. With a variety of payment methods to choose from (bank wires, credit cards, paypal and others), the customer support, different languages and a mobile app are aspects that put it on the top 5 of its genre. 

Lasty, you can dive in right away, take advantage of its pretty good odds and enjoy its welcoming bonus, all that while working with a very intuitive interface, making horse race betting a much more enjoyable adventure.


You just need to access the “about” page of Unibet to realize the amount of renown awards they have, on the betting world. With over 14 million members to date, it has been around for more than 20 years, and it’s one of the favourite Northern Europe betting websites.

With a smooth and easy-to-use service, you can rapidly create an account and start betting on horse races, while analysing the large amount of resources they offer. Different currencies, different payment methods and different languages, this is a website for everyone. 

Betting on horse races with Unibet, be on its website or mobile app, is as entertaining as it is easy. Be sure to take advantage of its welcoming bonus, as well as its fantastic odds, all while enjoying the results and live streams for most events.

Final Thoughts

There are even more quality websites where you can bet on horse racing, but these might be the cream of the crop, worldwide. We suggest you take advantage of their educational resources if you’re new to the game and of their amazing odds if you already have some experience under your belt. Thanks for reading!

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