Best Ways To Watch NFL Games Online

Written by TrevStone

If you want to watch an NFL game online, what are the best services to use?

Here are four options to watch all NFL televised games online. If you want to see every play of your favorite team, you should subscribe to all four services. Although it might be difficult to watch some NFL games or matches as they might be blocked for online viewing. Here you can use VPN like VeePN to reach blocked matches and unblock streaming sites. Not only does VeePN for smart TV help in accessing blocked matches, it also improves your internet connection for a better viewing experience. 

Once you have installed VeePN, you can access any of these four services for a wholesome experience of watching all matches online.

  1. YouTube TV

Fans of the National Football League (NFL) will find that YouTube TV is the greatest live TV streaming service because it is the only streaming service that include all of the stations that show NFL games (CBS, ESPN, FOX, NBC, and NFL Network).

  1. fuboTV

Even though it only offers three of the five channels you need, fuboTV is our second choice for streaming NFL games because it includes the NFL RedZone Channel. You may install a VPN for smart TV and enjoy watching football with no limits. VeePN improves your wi-fi connection and protects your personal data.

ESPN, FOX, and NFL Network are available on all three fuboTV tiers, however local CBS and NBC stations are not. Thus, you will be unable to view the NBC broadcasts of Sunday Night Football, but you may pay $6 per month for Paramount+ to view all of the CBS broadcasts (more on that later).

  1. Hulu + Live TV

While CBS, ESPN, FOX, and NBC may all be seen on Hulu + Live TV, the NFL Network and NFL RedZone Channel are not.

Our research has shown that Hulu Live is a great option for NFL game fans and those who prefer to watch shows whenever they want. Most televised games will be available to you, and you’ll get access to Hulu’s extensive collection of Originals, TV series, and movies.


Directv Stream, like Hulu Live, does not include NFL Network but does have CBS, ESPN, NBC, and FOX. There are four tiers of service, although even the most basic option includes all four of the major local channels.

It’s worth noting that while the ENTERTAINMENT plan ($70/month) is $5 more expensive than YouTube TV, the latter provides 20 more channels and limitless space for recording them.

The 20 hours of Cloud DVR storage that DIRECTV STREAM offers is not nearly enough for football season.

However, if you’re looking for a more traditional TV experience, we recommend DIRECTV STREAM instead, while YouTube TV and fuboTV are better options for everyone else.

When it comes to watching NFL games online, which subscription service is the best?

We offer recommendations for both independent streaming services and network apps if you’d prefer not to subscribe to a service that provides live TV.

We will provide you with a variety of network app choices, some of which will require a cable or satellite TV subscription and others of which will not.

Providers like these are not ranked like live TV streaming services are. They are simply other streaming choices that could be more practical or cheaper.

  1. Paramount+

All of CBS’s games, plus this year’s Super Bowl LV, are available on this streaming service for just $5 a month.

Paramount+ subscribers can watch anywhere from three to six games per weekend throughout the regular season, as well as the Thanksgiving game between Houston and Detroit, the AFC Wild Card and divisional playoffs, and the AFC Championship Game. (A few games involving the NFC will also be included.)

Services that continue to broadcast games after the regular season has ended are a big hit with us (they can be hard to come by).

  1. NFL Game Pass

Those who would rather watch the game after it has already aired can subscribe to NFL Game Pass and watch the entire game or a shortened version of the game (lasting only 45 minutes).

That way, even if you’re a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan living in Washington, D.C., you won’t miss a single game.

In addition to providing full-game replays from the preseason, regular season, and past seasons, NFL Game Pass also provides exclusive access to all-22 aspect coaches video so that you can analyze games like the pros. (This is exciting!)

  1. Amazon Prime Video

Anyone with a subscription to Amazon Prime Video and an interest in watching Thursday Night Football is in control of the situation.

Amazon Prime Video provides access to every TNF game, as well as free two-day shipping and unlimited streaming video, for the price of a single takeout meal. Receipt our cash.

  1. Fox Sports Go app

While waiting in line at the grocery store, you may watch an NFL game broadcast on FOX by downloading the Fox Sports Go app and signing in with your cable or satellite TV provider’s credentials.

After logging in, you may launch the app and watch the ongoing game, whether it’s your Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants rivalry or another team (and hopefully not disappointing you like the first few weeks of the season).

  1. NBC Sports app

When it comes to primetime programming, NBC usually scores the best pairings. You can tune in to the Thanksgiving Day game between the Buffalo Bills and the New Orleans Saints, as well as all of the Sunday Night Football games, via the NBC Sports app.

You may watch the game on your smartphone under the table over Thanksgiving dinner by logging into your cable or satellite TV account.

  1. WatchESPN app

Access every Monday Night Football game in 2021 by signing into the WatchESPN app with your cable or satellite subscription information. Up to ten different ESPN networks will be available for streaming.

  1. NFL Mobile app

You can watch games from your local market, some primetime games, the playoffs, and the Super Bowl by signing in to the NFL Mobile app through your cable or satellite provider.

Although the NFL Mobile app won’t let you view out-of-market games on Sunday afternoons, you can watch national games like the Week 15 TNF matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers.

People love watching football and sports in general. Whether it’s the game highlights or live-streaming NFL games, you can access any of our reviewed online streaming services. For a better and wholesome experience, install VeePN VPN and you will thoroughly enjoy watching all games.

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