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Best Time of the Year

I woke up today feeling like a fat kid in a candy store, and that is for one reason and one reason only. PLAYOFF BASEBALL. Get the fuck out of here with the WNBA Finals, and the NHL season starting, I don’t have the time or the give a shit for all of that because it’s time to celebrate America’s most beloved pastime. 

The playoffs begin after a long hard grind of the 162 game season finally meeting it’s end and with that brings us the best part of the year. The playoffs in baseball while some say last forever are in my opinion the best games any casual can see. The MLB has juiced the baseballs this season which means we can assume that these playoff baseballs are about to be as juiced as Barry Bonds. So you know what that means?? HOMERS, I’m talking moon shots, piss missiles, cock rockets, any word imaginable you will see this post season. 

Playoff baseball just brings so many great memories and moments back to life and gives me hope for  professional sports. I’m very excited to see if the Dodgers can become 3-peat losers and also to see how teams like the Braves and Cardinals will fair, or how the injury prone Yankees are going to handle their lineups and rotations throughout these playoffs. Most of all, I can’t wait to see the Houston Astros just steam roll the opposition and make the rest of the league their bitch.  

Here are my predictions for the playoffs:

 American League Champions- Houston Astros

National League Champions- Los Angeles Dodgers

World Series Champions- Houston Astros

Fingers crossed for the 3-Peat. 


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