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Despite having too many outdoor activity options, many students spend most of their time at home. Their academic schedule does not allow them to incorporate sports in their daily life. Are you one of them? If you are nodding your head in yes, continue reading to learn why and what you should play. 

Why Do We Need to Change Our Lifestyle? 

No wonder why obesity is a growing cause of concern today. Not only obesity, but several diseases are caused mainly by our lifestyle. With little to no physical activity, today’s kids have a hard time burning energy. They go to school /college, return home, have food, spend hours sitting with their gadgets. In the past, you would hardly hear a kid suffering from lifestyle illnesses such as blood pressure or diabetes. Today, nonetheless, statistics reveal otherwise. The cases of such illnesses among young adults and children are increasing. Moreover, the main culprit is our inactive lifestyle. 

Therefore, you must take part in sports, regardless of your study load. Are you not getting enough time to balance sports and studies? has got your back! Take the help of expert writers with your assignments to make the most of your college life.

Benefits of sports for students

For healthy growth, children need to exert their natural energy daily. However, sadly, in this digital era, most kids are gifted with some gadget to keep them busy. In contrast, children in the past would devise their games such as I spy, hopscotch, kick the can, hide and seek, catch the flag, and many more. These games would keep them active and help them execute their natural energy. Consequently, taking part in sports is an integral part of child development. It has a positive influence on their physical as well as mental health. The benefits of playing outdoors and participating in sports are numerous. Some of them are:

  • It improves the coordination and balance in children. 
  • It increased their stamina and core strength. 
  • It has a positive impact on the function of the heart and lungs. 
  • It promotes positive changes in the composition of their body. 
  • Last but not least, it promotes healthy self-esteem and positive body image. 

Below are some top activities for college students to stay active and healthy:

Traditional Team Sports

Basketball, softball, football, volleyball are probably the most popular team sports among students. The reason is pretty simple. These sports activities do not require professional skills or specific equipment. Plus, all colleges have spaces for traditional team sports. In addition to keeping you healthy and fit, these sports also provide other benefits. For instance, they help become more focused, responsible and active. Also, these sports help you become an effective team player. If you want to improve your skills even more, then make sure that the practice doesn’t stop the moment you go home. Check out Anytime Sports Supply for a huge variety of sports equipment that can help you train for that huge match, whenever and wherever. 

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Not into running and playing with a ball? Why not dance? After all, dancing is something that everyone enjoys. Take a dance class like salsa, tango, contemporary or any type you like. You may also experiment with each one of them one by one. Besides dancing, aerobics, Pilates, cheerleading or circus art are also some fun sports to try. 

Want to do something that calms your senses and relaxes your body even more? Try yoga! It will help you enhance your core strength while relaxing your mind. 

The best part of taking such classes is you can make like-minded new friends. Alternatively, maybe you can join them with your old buddies or partner. 

Outdoor Exploration Sports

Want to explore the world while staying fit and healthy? Try sports activities like rowing, hiking, trailing, skiing, cycling, or rock climbing. These activities will also help you learn new skills. So, team up with your friends or roommates, and challenge yourself for something exciting. You can also enjoy these great outdoor activities alone. Take photographs, enjoy the fantastic scenes and gave a time of your life. 

Solo Sports

You are looking for an exercise or activity that allows you to exert your natural energy without seeing or speaking to anyone? Swimming is an excellent option for you. This solo sport is a total body workout. From swimming pools to local lakes, it varies from aqua aerobic to freestyle activity. Swimming is an excellent option, regardless of your age. It helps you burn around 600 calories in an hour. 

Not fond of getting into the water? Consider other solo sports options like strength training, parkour or running. These options are a good alternative for swimming. They allow you to have a great time with yourself while keeping your body fit. 

Unusual Sports

Are they looking for some crazy fun sports options? The activities mentioned below are best suited for students like you. Nevertheless, they have nothing to do with lousy mood or boredom. These options are somewhat challenging. They allow you to experience that is worth a try. 

  • Roller Derby

Both men and women play this game together on wheels. Thus, it provides an unusual and authentic experience to the ones playing. 

  • Quidditch

Quidditch was adapted from the novel Harry Potter. The players in Quidditch, sadly, do not use broomsticks in real-life. However, the game is quite enjoyable. :

  • Kickball

This is yet another sport which is not very widely played. Invented by Nicholas C. in the US, the teams in the game consist of 8 team players. It is similar to baseball but worth trying. 

  • Chess Boxing
    Chess Boxing consists of two competitors with headphone chewing over their next move. The fun part is that they both are in boxing attire. Furthermore, the folding chess table is in the middle of them, in the boxing ring. Sounds entertaining? It indeed is. The game comprises of 11 alternating boxing as well as chess rounds. The competitors fight both mentally and physically. 

Do not have enough time to enjoy playing unusual games? Try to make a schedule or take help from Perfect Essay,  expert writers will help you submit your papers on time while you enjoy playing your favourite sports. Are you working on a thesis? Not able to manage playing sports? You can also buy a thesis paper and make yourself stress-free. 

In short, you can play any game of your choice, but make sure you do. There are too many options to choose from according to your comfort zone. So, pick a sport you are comfortable with; do not let your academic pressures deprive you of the fun these activities offer.

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