Best Rust Servers to Play in 2023

Rust has been out and around for years and it still remains on top of the list for Survival games. Its brutal and unforgiving gameplay hasn’t stopped new players from giving it a proper shot and learning its steep curve. However, before you even step into the world of Rust, the first important thing you need to decide is the right server for you.

There is a variety of different servers for players to pick from, each with their own set of rules, restrictions, security, and whatnot. This could really make or break the survival experience for players with a new Rust account. But to make things a little less daunting for you, here are some of the best Rust servers that you can pick from.

1. Rustafied

Rustafied is one of the most popular Rust servers available to play right now, and for good reason. The server features a supportive community and high-quality gameplay. Rustafied offers a variety of gameplay modes, including vanilla, modded, and low-population servers. Regular wipes ensure that the gameplay experience stays fresh and challenging. And since Rustafied is super popular, a lot of player tune into it making it super challenging, especially if you are a beginner. It’s more suited for hardcore players.

2. Rustoria

Rustoria is another popular Rust server that offers a range of gameplay options. The server features a large and active community, regular events, and a variety of plugins to enhance the gameplay experience. Rustoria offers vanilla, modded, and battlefield servers, so players can choose the type of gameplay that suits them best. Supporting up to 500 players, Rustoria is huge server with a smaller world but unforgiving world and brutal players to look out for. You will hardly have any time to catch your breath as smaller area makes for more fights!

3. Rusty Moose

Now if you are looking for a server that is a little more forgiving and helpful for beginners, you should definitely try Rusty Moose. It’s one of the oldest yet highly popular server for Rust that has built a helpful community. It features a vast open world, giving players their much-needed space to explore, build, and fight other players. It’s a server where you will find players with diverse playstyles. It can be fun, challenging, and even hardcore depending on how players want it to be.

4. Rust Factions

Rust Factions is a unique Rust server that offers a roleplaying experience and we gamers absolutely love roleplaying. There are quite a few RPG servers in in game and Rust Faction is definitely one of the best. Rust Factions lets players join one of several factions and work together to conquer territories and gain resources as they try to become the best faction around. The server features a deep and engaging lore, custom plugins, and a massive active community. And since it’s a PVE server, you don’t have to worry about players coming out of nowhere and killing you for resources or whatever. So, if that’s something you want, Rust Factions is the one to go for!

5. Rusty Lake

Now it’s time to give things a more post-apocalyptic feel and Rusty Lake does exactly that. It is a popular Rust server that features a post-apocalyptic gameplay experience. It’s a great choice for players looking to have a fun and action-packed time. Unlike the traditional servers, Rusty Lake lets you take on zombies with your friends. You can team up, gather resources, build bases, and slay these flesh-hungry monsters. You get a totally different and more exciting experience that is best enjoyed with a bunch of friends.

6. Rust Academy 

One of my personal favorite servers on this list is Rust Academy. The reason why I love this server is because of its focus on realism which makes Rust popular in the first place. You get to experience the thrill of survival while keeping things easy on new players. It could actually be a great starting point for players who want to ease through the steep learning curve of the game before facing some real music. Rust Academy gives you access to many of the in-game items from the moment you start the game, making it easy for you to learn how to use them in Rust’s world.


With a plethora of servers to choose from, it could get a little daunting for beginners to decide which one’s best for them. A good server is totally subjective and depends on the preference of the players. So, we have listed all types of different servers for you to choose from, whether you are a total newbie, a pro, or someone who just wants to get a good Role-playing experience.

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