Sometimes one waits for the NFL schedule to come out, other times one just knows what the best games are going to be. The anticipation of the NFL season and its schedule is everything. Sometimes the names and games stand against unpopular opinions, yet those are precisely the times when the audience screams with excitement.

So in this guide, we picked out the games we think would be the best to watch this year. . Moreover, you can stream these games easily on different streaming platforms like Paramount+ or ESPN+ and more. But for that, make sure to have a dependable internet connection like Xfinity for its stable connectivity and high-speed internet. For more information about its budget-friendly plans, get in touch with Xfinity Customer Service and get the plan that suits your streaming needs.

1.     Jets vs. Patriots: Week 3, Sept. 24

When it comes to the Jets, we think they see games against the Patriots as a test of how serious their season is. Forget about Bill Belichick’s personal grudge against them; the guy is always super prepared and knows his opponents inside out. It’s been a tough stretch for the Jets, not beating the Patriots since 2015 – that’s a whopping seven years! And get this, it’s the longest ongoing losing streak one team has against a single opponent.

In those losses, there have been some real gut punches, like that game where Sam Darnold famously said he was “seeing ghosts,” and that lackluster showdown in Foxborough last year where Zach Wilson seemed to be shouldering a lot of blame for the offense’s struggles. But honestly, it was a much more complicated situation, and I think Wilson deserves a little empathy.

That “Ghosts” game ended in a brutal 33-0 loss and there were three other games with even bigger margins of victory during that stretch. In addition, you can bet the Jets are itching to shake off that heavy weight and snag a win against a team that’s practically set up camp.

Let’s talk about Aaron Rodgers now. In his career, he has faced the Patriots four times, but he only started three of those games. In those three starts, his teams won twice, including a 27-24 victory last October. With six touchdowns and only one interception, Rodgers was on fire. 

2.     Falcons vs. Panthers: Week 1, Sept. 10

Alright, let’s talk about the Falcons vs. Panthers showdown that happened in Week 1 of September 10th. Well, you might not be as pumped about this game as we are, but hear us out on this. It’s a prime example of different approaches to building a team. The Falcons chose not to trade up for a clear-cut franchise quarterback and instead focused on strengthening other positions. Albert Breer breaks it down in detail from Arthur Smith’s perspective. On the flip side, the Panthers went for the more traditional route, recognizing they were in a position to potentially snag a future face-of-the-franchise player.

Now, both teams are bound to hit some bumps in the road as they grow together. However, we are curious to see how that process plays out for each team. Can Bijan Robinson step up and help Desmond Ridder handle tough situations or is Bryce Young so exceptional that he can pull the Panthers out of a tight spot?

Moreover, let us not forget about the added intrigue of seeing what Panthers defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero has up his sleeve for the Falcons’ Arsenal of playmakers. He has proven repeatedly that he is one of the boldest and creative defensive minds in the league. This game has some serious potential for fireworks!

3.     Jaguars vs. Chiefs: Week 2, Sept. 17

We are putting the spotlight on some AFC matchups that we think will be pivotal in the playoff race and giving a sneak peek into crucial playoff games. Right now, we have a feeling that the Jaguars might pose a bigger threat to the Chiefs than the Bills, though they’re probably just a smidge below the Bengals. Time will tell, of course, but we see this game as a way to measure just how much the Jaguars have progressed from a year ago.

We are all for these games, even though the media tends to hype up the whole quarterback-versus-quarterback narrative. The cool thing is that it amps up the significance of regular-season football and we get to see how quarterbacks perform under that pressure. Trent Baalke’s defense could be a dynamic, shape-shifting front with some serious speed that could challenge Mahomes.

Sure, we are putting a lot on Trevor Lawrence’s plate for the future, but imagine having another consistent, super-talented player who could potentially go toe-to-toe with Mahomes in the conference. That would be sweet, right?

Ending Note

The NFL season is almost about to end and we have seen one of the best games this year. As we wait for next year’s schedule to come out, you can wait for the new games to take place or revisit the older ones we mentioned to enjoy the experience once again. We are sure you won’t be disappointed –you just have to be a diehard fan for these crazed up games.


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