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Best Gabriel ‘Fluffy’ Iglesias Segments that Will Get You Excited for his Future Shows | @fluffyguy

Written by Nate

The funny (and fluffy) man himself, comedian Gabriel Iglesias, is heading back on the road for his ‘Go Big or Go Home’ tour this year.

Such stops that he is going to later this year includes a couple nights at the Illinois State Fair, the Island Resort and Casino in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Charlotte, North Carolina and to Radio City Music Hall in New York.

And to prepare for those future stops, here is a list of the best segment of Gabriel that make you laugh into the next morning!

The Five (Six) Levels of Fatness

In this clip, Gabriel puts into perspective what he sees as the ‘six levels of fatness.’ It was originally five for a little bit, but he added a level at an encounter at a town of Las Cruces.

Latino Pepsi Commerical

Gabriel goes over what most Mexican commercials are like. Example he gave was about a Pepsi commercial that he said was ‘all about sex,’ and then he gave the famous Pepsi line at the segment.

George Lopez/Strip Club Scene

In this all-time video, Iglesias recalls a time in which his friend drives him and Gabriel to a club one night where he signs an autograph for a ‘dancer’ and gives out a spot-on George Lopez impression.

Dave, the Bus Driver

Gabriel talks in a show about his bus driver, Dave, on how he is a deemed clean freak and how much he is committed to driving his tour bus across the country.

And lastly…

Annoying Frankie

The elder Iglesias talks about how he becomes a friendly nuisance to stepson (in a good way, of course). Gabriel explains how affection in a relationship is different him and Frankie than it is with the son and his mom.

These are all good favorites from Gabriel, but everyone has their own favorite funny moments. Feel free to click here for his official YouTube channel for more of his classic videos and here for his website for his future tour dates.

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