Best Adrenaline Activities for Thrillseekers.

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Tired of Groundhog Day? Haven’t you been on vacation for a long time? Need to shake things up and reboot your brain? Do you want to test yourself for strength? Are you lacking adrenaline to feel alive? You have come to the right place! Today we bring you a digest of the most exciting thrill-seeking activities.


Let’s start with simple yet breathtaking cycling. If you think that you will limit yourself to a grueling race on the highway, then you are wrong. Cycling can force you to reach the brink of your physical and mental strength in the shortest period of time and at the same time experience the widest range of feelings that a person is only capable of. Love the mountains – All-Mountain, Downhill and BMX-race are at your service. To be honest, it remains a mystery for us how to overcome the route and stay alive. But looking at the quite happy faces of the participants, we can say that their life has developed as well as possible. Hate Mountain, XC, Street, North Shore, Dirt Jumping, Flat, Cyclocross, Road and Triathlon – you have a lot to choose from. The latter discipline includes cycling, swimming and running, for those who are bored of one thing. Your nerves will be tickled by cycling sports – we guarantee!

Bungee jumping.

No bike and you do not shine in sports form – this is not an obstacle to have fun! Even being in the city, you can find activities to your liking. Bungee jumping is at your service. Jumping off a bridge or a high tower is of course up to you. An unforgettable feeling of flight, local beauty and the most vivid impressions are provided to you. Choose beautiful places, serious firms with reliable equipment and save the jump in photos and videos. The adrenaline rush will not keep you waiting.

Free flight or soaring.

If you like the feeling of flying or free falling, we can recommend parachute jumping, fighter jet flying, hang gliding, paragliding from mountains or high-altitude towers. To raise the degree, we recommend combining skiing with a parachute jump. Downhill descending into the abyss followed by free soaring is something! If this is not enough, try walking on the wings of a biplane during the flight. An unforgettable experience at a speed of 200 km / h is guaranteed. If the plane is too much, then perhaps the extreme roller coaster will suit your taste. The fall from a great height into the abyss has not left anyone indifferent. Adrenaline will burst into bubbles in your veins like Christmas champagne, we promise.


For space lovers, we can offer zero-gravity airplane flight, one of the most unique activities on earth. You will soar in weightlessness in reality and get a lot of the most powerful impressions in your life.

Flyboard and kayaking.

For fans of water sports, we recommend a flyboard hover above the water surface using water pressure. This will revive your sleepy neurons and make your heart beat faster. Don’t forget to take a video, and don’t thank. For those who consider it too civilized, we will offer kayaking on the mountain rivers with an extremely difficult route. We think that emotions will be overflowing and you will remember us and our recommendations more than once.

Cage with sharks and crocodiles.

If you do not like river rafting, you can try swimming in a cage with sharks and crocodiles. Being alone with a five-meter monster, not always in a peaceful mood, should positively affect the perception of all life’s failures. After a fateful meeting, we guarantee a philosophical outlook on life and excellent mood.

Sailing trimaran and motorboat races.

For those who love freedom and sea air, racing on a sailing trimaran or Zapcat motor boats will be indispensable. Windsurfing on extremely high waves is also not to be missed. Some skills are required, but how are they compared to the fun?

Rodeo and night hunting.

If your interests are focused on nature, we can recommend a rodeo. Despite the fact that this is one of the oldest American entertainment, the tsunami of impressions will be no joke. Dig up your inner roots and feel like a conqueror of the Wild West. Another, no less exciting traditional American hobby is the night hunting for big game: bear, elk, deer. All of them are very difficult opponents, but they cannot be compared with the polar bear and musk ox. The living conditions themselves are extreme, it is not easy to survive there, not to mention the success on the hunt. For those who are not intrigued by this, we offer cougar hunting. This nocturnal, wary and ferocious animal requires a special approach. Before making the decisive shot, you will have to track down more than one night the habitats and feeding of the animal. Night vision binoculars greatly simplify the task of tracking at night and will be a guarantee of your safety. For those who are uncomfortable in cold forests, we can recommend hunting giant alligators in the swamps of Florida and Louisiana. We think that you will have enough impressions and adrenaline for a lifetime. At the same time, make yourself boots or a wallet from alligator skin.

Life is fleeting. As long as we have the strength and desires, we need to have time to try everything. It is necessary to live your life so that there is something to remember and nothing not to regret. Find what inspires you and practice from time to time so you don’t lose your zest for life.

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