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Bengals WR Ja’Marr Chase’s Baby Mama Asks NFL To Kick Him Out Of League

Written by Tony Ghaul

Cincinnati Bengals Ja’Marr Chase’s baby mama Ambar Nicole wants the NFL to kick him out of the league over her claims that he’s an abuser and a deadbeat dad.

Chase’s baby mama Ambar Nicole is calling out the NFL star for what she considers abuse. Nicole recently took to her Instagram story and demanded the NFL to kick him out of the league because he not only abused her, but he’s a deadbeat father who also had his mother threatening to beat her up.

“Get this abuser Jamarr out the league. I’m tried of this abuser and deadbeat abusing me and threatening me. Calling your own child a bi*ch. And having your mom threating to come to my house. You cannot call yourself a man you are in fact a horrible person.

“She also shared some text messages between the two, and made sure to tag the NFL and Chase’s employer, the Cincinnati Bengals.

She then goes on to call him out for being a narcissist.

Jamarr Chase is having a tough time getting going with the amount of attention he’s getting from defenses. Now he’s getting attention for some off the field problems he’s apparently dealing with. The Cincinnati Bengals are 2-3 and missed an opportunity to take the lead in the AFC North after losing to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday night.

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Nicole insinuated that she was pregnant with Chase’s baby, and seemed to make a claim that the receiver hit her while she was pregnant. She also claimed that he didn’t like to shower after practices.

Ambar shared alleged text messages with the young NFL star that insinuated that he wasn’t being faithful. Ambar wrote on her Instagram stories, “@LAHJAY10_ Trash AF. Will f* anything walking. Don’t even wash his a. This man whole life is cap AF!!! Don’t believe the hype this man really dirty in real life.”

Chase appeared to respond to Ambar’s allegations on Twitter, chalking up to the drama to “fake pages” on social media.these fake pages be killing me bruh 😂😭😭— Ja’MarrChase (@Real10jayy__) July 8, 2021

Chase has 32 receptions, 343 yards and two scores through five games this season.

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