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Bengals-Packers Joint Practice Turns Into A Huge Brawl

Written by Tony Ghaul

During Bengals-Packers joint practice today, multiple fights between the two teams happened.

As per Kyle Smith and Tom Silverstein, Packers guard Elgotn Jenkins was involved in two skirmishes during the practice. Smith shared a video of Jenkins getting into a fight with Bengals linebacker Jermaine Pratt, which prompted players on both teams to join the fray.

As per Silverstein, the fight started after Jenkins dropped Pratt on a screen. An angry Pratt went after Jenkins and took a swing. It was also reported that Jenkins got into it with Bengals veteran defensive tackle D.J. Reader by taking a swing at him.

“Emotions get high,” Green Bay left tackle David Bakhtiari said. “I know (Jenkins will) never do it in the game. He’s never done that in the game. So, the practice, I mean, it’s a little bit different. You know you shouldn’t, but you also know there’s no consequences.”

The Packers and Bengals do not face each other this season and I guess that it’s a good thing, since tempers were flaring.

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