Ben Simmons is so close to coming back

Written by Noah Gagnon

In full honesty, I really didn’t have a lot of hope that Ben Simmons was gonna end up playing this postseason, but it’s looking like it’s actually gonna happen.

I know Simmons has a playoff record that’s more than sketchy, but I really don’t see how this is a bad thing. Our playoff hopes don’t exactly lie on his shoulders, we just need him to come in for like 20 minutes and be physical with Tatum. He doesn’t have to shoot, he doesn’t have to score, just d-up, grab some boards, and get me excited.

But really, today’s game two (and my 20th birthday), and it really might be the biggest day of my entire life. I will be shaking all day long. If we go down 2-0 this thing might as well be wraps. Kevin Durant is gonna ruin Boston’s world tomorrow night. Kyrie will stomp on Lucky’s throat. Brooooookkkklyyynnnn

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