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Ben Simmons Caught Texting At 76ers Practice

Written by Seth Lockard

Ben Simmons has returned to the Philadelphia 76ers to practice with the team before the season begins this week. Simmons has not been hiding how miserable this process is for him. Simmons might physically be on the court for the 76ers but he has no problem showing his emotions on how he does not want to be there at all.

Simmons was caught red handed having his phone in his pocket during drills at practice. There’s no reason for him to have his phone with him while he’s playing, that’s not how basketball works. He looks checked out to me.

Simmons missed all of preseason during his holdout because he wanted out of Philly after Philly wanted to trade him right after the season ended but could not get a deal done. He did not want to be with a team that did not value him.

Simmons did face financial penalties for his absence during this off-season. He was adamant that he would not play again for the 76ers but here he is, playing for the 76ers.

It seems like he is going for the Marshawn Lynch approach, “I’m here so I don’t get fined.”

The season opens up for the 76ers on Wednesday in New Orleans against the Pelicans.

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