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Ben Mintz Has Been Fired From Barstool Sports After Dropping N-Bomb On Live Stream While Singing Song; This Is The Downfall Of Barstool – @stoolpresidente @BarstoolMintzy

Written by TrevStone

Dave Portnoy just came out and announced that Barstool Sports has fired Ben Mintz. And it isn’t up to Dave Portnoy it was up to Penn Sports and this totally shows the downfall of Barstool Sports. Yeah, Penn national Gaming has to make sure because they are highly regulated as a gambling company but this is the same thing that Dave Portnoy did years ago.

Yeah, remember this?

Yeah, Portnoy didn’t seem to happy in the video about it either. But he needs to put his foot down and so do the Stoolies! I’m sorry but this is a terrible decision. Mintzy is loved by everyone and we all know he didn’t mean this. But this is soft.

Ben Mintz hasn’t stopped apologizing since the incident.

Here is the video and you can tell after he tried to play it off as it was an honest mistake.

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