Belal Muhammad defeats Lyman Good via decision [email protected] @lymangoodmma #UFConESPN11 UFCVegas3

Written by Tyler Allen

Lyman Good has tremendous strength, He is fighting 4 weeks removed from losing his father. He was a military man, but not gonna lie, he has a fan for this one. I lost my father on January 4th, I get it.

Round 1 – Lyman Good maintains control of for half of the round. Keeping Muhammad in one spot, maintaining control of the middle of the octagon. They both are landing selective strikes with many fakes and jukes. Both exchange high kicks to close out the round. I would reluctantly give it to Good for Ocatagon control.

Round 2 – Muhammad takes control and throws some mixed-stanced jabs. It gets Good into a corner, but Good fights his way out of it. There was a temporary stoppage for what the ref saw as an eye poke. It was very short. We Continue. Muhammad would connect with Jab after jab, combination after combination. Lyman Good still fights through it though. Muhammad delivers combos and gets out of dodge. A clash of heads in an exchanged might have busted open Muhammad. All a stand up affair. That round definitely goes to Muhammad. Heres a Big shot Lyman good Connected with.

Round 3 – Muhammad open up with a high kick. The Stand Up game resumes with these two continuing the exchanges. Lyman good connects with two massive shots and almost gets a takedown attempts. Muhammad recovers well, and the stand up game resumes. Lyman is connecting with the busted eye, with multiple shots in the area. Muhammad is still delivering some impressive combinations while retreating. Another Massive right from Good, connecting with two quick knees to the ribs. Muhammad gets the takedown, but they remain standing quickly after. The standup exchanges continue. These guys are swinging for the fences, major league style. Muhammad lands the take down, gets the body triangle from behind. Muhammad would not get the choke, goes to the judges.

I think Lyman, but fuck man, could be close.

Result – 29-28 unanimous decision Belal Muhammad.

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