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Becky Lynch Sends a Message to Shayna Baszler, Rhea Ripley Attacks Charlotte, AJ Styles Calls Out The Undertaker & Seth Rollins Gets The Upper-hand on Kevin Owens – WWE RAW Review (3-9-20) | #RAW

Written by Colby Faria

Tonight’s Monday Night RAW from the Capital One Arena in Washington D.C. has come & gone & was one of the better shows of 2020, thus far. Without wasting any time…

Let’s get into the action…

Segment 1 – RAW Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch makes her way down to the ring. She says it’s good to finally know who her WrestleMania opponent is. She says Shayna Baszler tore through the entire Elimination Chamber, last night & took out Asuka in 2 minutes…something that took her, 2 years to do. Shayna has a pre-taped promo appear on the big-screen. She says just like she walked through the Chamber, last night, she’s going to walk through Becky & calls her a bitch. Back to the ring, Becky says Shayna’s a black-hole of charisma & it’ll be skill against heart at WrestleMania…she then says she’s not a bitch, she’s THE bitch. Becky holds the title as her music plays & the commentary booth says Rey Mysterio will face Angel Garza, next as Mysterio is shown backstage making his was to the ring as we go to a commercial break.

Segment 2 – Back from the break & Rey Mysterio makes his entrance, as does Angel Garza who has Zelina Vega along his side. The bell rings & the match begins. Gazra starts out fast & the pair engage in a quick back & forth before Garza takes down Mysterio & does his infamous pants removal to a light crowd pop as we head to another break. Back from commercial & the 2 are in the middle of the ring & trading shots back & forth as Mysterio takes down Garza. Garza slips out of the ring then Mysterio follows him with a sliding splash to the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Garza reverses a strike from Mysterio, catches him, & plants him with a reverse suplex off of the top rope, goes for the cobver but Mysterio kicks out at 2. Mysterio trips up Garza, goes for the 619, but as he’s running, Garza drills him with a super-kick, Garza puts Mysterio on the top rope but Mysterio knocks him down, goes for a dive but Garza catches him, goes for a slam but Mysterio hits him with a huricarana into the ropes, hits the 619 followed by a springboard dive, goes for the cover & gets the 3-count for the victory.

Segment 3 – We see Kevin Owens backstage, walking into the arena, earlier today, when he’s confronted by Seth Rollins, Murphy & The Authors of Pain, Roillins is eating Popcorn & offers some to Owens as Owens chucks his luggage at them, then the 4 attack him, throw him into a metal barricade, Murphy drills him with a kick to the head against a piece of equipment, AOP throws him into a steel barricade then Murphy throws a piece of equipment on top of him as some security finally arrives to stop the attack & then we head to a break.

Segment 4 – Back from commercial & the commentary booth hypes up Stone Cold Steve Austin’s return to Monday Night RAW, next week. We then see a video package of Rhea Ripley touring Raymond James Stadium, in Tampa Bay, Florida, the site of her NXT Women’s Championship defense against Charlotte Flair. Back to live TV & Charlotte is making her way to the ring. Charlotte grabs a mic & says Rhea will never be Charlotte, she will never be like Charlotte & there is only ONE Charlotte & she will teach her a lesson at WrestleMania. She says she will be humbled by the Queen as Rhea’s music interrupts Charlotte. Before Rhea can even say a word, Charlotte said this isn’t NXT, this is RAW & it’s her Kingdom & says that Rhea is excused. Rhea lays Charlotte out with a heavy right hand, smiles at her & walks out & we go to another commercial break.

Segment 5 – Back after the break & Tom Phillips announces that AJ Styles will be on WWE Backstage, tomorrow night. Bobby Lashley is now on his way to the ring where his opponent, Zack Ryder (with Curt Hawkins at ringside) is waiting on him. The bell rings & we’re underway. Ryder goes for a running knee but Lashley side steps it, catches Ryder & plants him with a vicious spine-buster, then goes for The Dominator, covers him & gets the 3-count for the win. After the match, we see highlights from last week’s RAW where Drew McIntyre drilled WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar with a trio of Claymore Kicks then the commentary team announces that McIntyre will be in action after the commercial break.

Segment 6 – After the break, we see Aleister Black in a dark room as Seth Rollins & Murphy walk in. Rollins says he’s seen that Aleister’s been in some trouble when it comes to the numbers game, recently & says he would love Aleister to join his team. Aleister says no, Rollins says you’re either with me or against me which Aleister replies by saying those are fighting words & he accepts. Back to the ring & Erick Rowan makes his way down to the ring with his caged Spider. Drew McIntyre makes his way down, next. The bell rings & the match is officially underway, Rowan runs into McIntyre but he ducks out of the way & knocks him out of the ring, throws Rowan into the ring-post then throws him over his head. McIntyre then grabs Rowan’s cage, & destroys it with the steel steps. Rowan comes running over to him but McIntyre head-butts him, throws him in the ring, plants him with the Future Shock-DDT, counts down 3-2-1 then drills Rowan with a Claymore Kick for the 3-count & the victory. After the match, Tom Phillips says that they’re awaiting on the arrival of Edge then show Randy Orton backstage who’s also waiting on the WWE Hall of Famer’s arrival to the arena. We then get a video package showing Orton attacking Edge’s wife, Beth Phoenix with an RKO, last week on RAW.

Segment 7 – Back to the live action & The Women’s Tag-Team Champions, The Kabuki Warriors are on their way to the ring. Before we head to commercial break, Tom Phillips announces that Liv Morgan & Natalya will be their opponents. After the break, The Kabuki Warriors are in the ring & they cut their usual, hilarious, heel, promo in Japanese. Natalya & Liv Morgan make their way down to the ring. Kairi & Liv start this one off. Liv quickly takes down Kairi, goes for the cover but Kairi kicks out. The pair go back & forth for a minute as Ruby Riott makes her way down to the ring then we go to a commercial break. Back from commercial & the match continues as Asuka has control of Liv while Ruby Riott continues to watch from the outside of the ring. Natalya is tagged in, by Liv, Asuka distracts the referee & Kairi takes a cheap shot at Natalya. Asuka makes the tag to Kairi who fires down a few kicks to Natalya. Kairi tags Asuka back in who rains down some kicks of her own, then tags Kairi back in. Kairi drops down some more kicks then goes for the cover but Natalya gets her shoulders up. Asuka traps Natalya in an arm-bar but Natalya breaks out of it & starts throwing punches to Asuka’s head. Asuka counters into a guillotine but Natalya slams her down to break the hold. Sarah Logan now comes down to ringside & she starts brawling with Ruby Riott as Liv Morgan takes them both out with a flying dive from the top rope. Back in the ring it’s Natalya & Kairi who go at it, Natalya drills her with a clothesline, goes for the cover but Kairi kicks out, Kairi tags Asuka in but Natalya doesn’t see it, locks in the Sharpshooter on Kairi but Asuka comes in & drills Natalya with a super-kick, goes for the pin & The Kabuki Warriors get the victory. After the match, the commentary team continue to hype up Edge’s appearance, later tonight then we go to another break.

Segment 8 – After commercial, AJ Styles is headed down to the ring & we get a video package showing what happened, last night at Elimination Chamber between AJ Styles, Aleister Black & The Undertaker. Styles said after Taker lost to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania a few years ago & placed his coat & hat in the middle of the ring, he ruined a beautiful moment by coming back to the WWE. Styles then calls out Taker for a match at WrestleMania, next month. He says 5 years ago he may have hesitated to call out Taker but now all he sees is an old, broken down man named Mark Calaway. He says the only reason Taker keeps coming back is because of his wife, Michelle McCool. Styles then says Taker & McCool aren’t actually married & she uses Taker because he gives her whatever she wants. He says they have a beautiful family but McCool is the most conniving person he’s ever met. Styles then says his wife is running him into the ground & he’s going to help. He then says he hopes that Taker dies in the ring at WrestleMania which is what his wife wants. He asks what Taker has to lose since he’s already lost his streak & his mystique. Styles then says he’ll literally put the nail in his coffin then drops the mic & walks away as we go to a commercial.

Segment 9 – After the break, we see Randy Orton backstage & Charly Caruso walks in & asks him if he has any thoughts on Edge’s return, later tonight, he just stares into the camera & Charly walks away. The 24/7 Champion, Riddick Moss makes his way down to the ring & in the ring is Cedric Alexander who is his challenger for the title. The match begins & Moss takes Cedric right down then tosses Cedric out of the ring with a fall-away slam, drags him back into the ring, goes for the cover but Cedric is able to kick out after a 2-count. Cedric fights back & knocks down Moss & hits him with a nifty little springboard take-down, goes for the cover but Moss kicks out. Cedric goes to the top rope but gets knocked down & speared by Moss who then plants Cedric with a neck-breaker, goes for the cover & gets the win to retain his 24/7 Championship then we go to a commercial.

Segment 10 – After the break, MVP is in the ring, he starts taunting the crowd & makes fun of D.C. then says he wants to starts a stable & wants the face of his stable to be someone like Edge, we then see Edge arriving to the arena & he makes his way out to the ring. He gets into the ring & grabs the mic & calls Randy Orton out to the ring, MVP asks how Edge’s wife is, but Edge spears him then Randy Orton comes out to attack but Edge drills him with an RKO. Edge goes outside of the ring & grabs a chair but Orton slides out of the ring & walks to the back. Edge puts MVP in a nasty looking choke-hold as he just stares down Orton from the ring as Orton stands on the stage. Edge plants MVP with an RKO onto the chair then hits him with a con-chair-to as he yells “this is going to be you, Randy”. The crowd chants “one more time” & Edge obliges by drilling MVP with another con-chair-to. Edge & Orton lock eyes as Edge’s music plays & we go to another commercial.

Segment 11 – Back from the break & we see highlights from Triple H receiving an award from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Sporting organization, over the weekend. We then see a pre-taped video from Paul Heyman who hypes up Brock Lesnar’s WWE Championship defense against Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania. Heyman lists off all of the former champions that Lesnar has defeated. He says no superstar in WWE history has been so dominate for so long. We then see a pre-tape of Drew McIntyre speaking about the match. He says everything Heyman said was true. Lesnar has dominated everything & everyone he’s came into contact with…until he met Drew. He says he’ll choose his words very carefully. He says he will drill Lesnar with a Claymore Kick, knock him on his ass & then pin him to become the WWE Champion at WrestleMania. We see Edge backstage where Charly Caruso catches him with him, Edge asks her where Randy Orton is, she says he left the arena as Edge looks possessed & walks away. Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring while being flanked by Murphy & he has a bucket of Popcorn in his hand, mocking Kevin Owens. Aleister Black then makes his entrance. The bell rings & we’re underway, Black goes for Black Mass right away but Rollins rolls out of the ring & we go to a commercial. Back from the break & Rollins drills Black with a sling-blade, goes for the cover but Black kicks out. They go back & forth for a few moments as Black nails Rollins with a moonsault, Murphy jumps on the apron, Black knocks him down, Rollins rolls Black up, Black kicks out then drills Rollins with a kick & Murphy gets in the ring & causes a disqualification. Authors of Pain comes down to the ring & Rollins, Murphy & AOP start attacking Black, The Viking Raiders come out to the ring & attack AOP as the RAW Tag-Team Champions, the Street Profits come down to the ring & also attack AOP, Rollins & Murphy. Montez Ford grabs a mic & says the referee shouldn’t disqualify Rollins & should instead turn this into an 8-man tag-team match between The Street Profits & The Vikings Raiders against Seth Rollins, Murphy & The Authors of Pain. Rollins accepts, the match is official & we go to a break before it begins. We’re back from the break & the 8-man tag-team match begins. Ford & Murphy begin the match & Ford is all over Murphy nailing him with a drop-kick then tags in Dawkins. The Profits & Raiders all gang up on Murphy for a few minutes as he can’t make a tag until he’s able to sneak one in to Rezar. Both teams go back & forth for awhile & through another commercial break until Ford takes out everyone except for Rollins with an outside dive over the top rope, climbs back in the ring & Rollins plants him with a stomp & then the cover for the win. After the match, Kevin Owens runs down to the ring , hits Akam with a stunner, throws Rezar out of the ring, drills Murphy with a stunner but Rollins hits him with a stomp. Rollins then taunts him then hits Owens with yet another stomp as he celebrates in the middle of the ring then hits him with a 3rd stomp & the show goes off the air.

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