In the last few weeks, Julia Rose and her ‘Sh*tshow’ podcast cohost and model, Becca Vlaszof, have been putting out recent episodes in which they have talked about Dave Portnoy and the rumors surrounding him and Julia.

Well apparently in an Instagram post from one of their prior episodes, Becca has requested live for the founder of Barstool Sports to be a guest on the Sh*tshow coming soon.

She said if Portnoy doesn’t accept their invite, they’re planning on passing up one of Barstool’s podcasts in the rankings. Our guess on that unnamed podcast she was referring is either ‘Chicks at the Office’ or ‘Call Her Daddy.’

It’ll be interesting how Portnoy answers to both Becca and Julia if he wants to be on their guest.

It’ll be an episode that will be worth seeing if Portnoy does appear to come on to the show. Then we will find out the truth and hear his side of everything that is going on.

Feel free to view the full episode of the whole segment about Becca and Portnoy with special guest in mentalist and illusionist Wayne Hoffman down below:


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