Bears Vikings gambling guide

Ok gents last minute gambling guide to get your week started off right!

  1. I love the Vikings here, I love them so much I know I have to take the bears. Kirk cousins is 0-9 on MNF straight up and Dalvin cook has been living in bad defenses. I expect the bears to play bear football (ugly as fuck) and keep it within 3.5 Bears +3.5
  2. props baby!!! Who doesn’t love prob bets! I’m going to give you one for the bears and one for the Vikings that might WIN YOU MONEY! (Or may not, please bet responsible) ok first prop, Adam thielen over 4.5 receptions. Thielen makes up 30% of the Vikings catches, if bears bottle up cook I expect more balls coming his way. Adam Thielen over 4.5 receptions
  3. Time for that second prop I promised, this is an easy one. Allan Robinson is a great football player, don’t over think this just bet it. Allan Robinson over 77.5 yards. That’s all I got for tonight boys and girls, good luck.

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