The Chicago Bears made a bold move a few weeks back at the NFL Draft by trading up to the 11th overall spot and drafting Justin Fields, QB from Ohio State. The hope is that Fields is now the long term solution the Bears have needed in this position for qutie some time.

With Fields slated as the future of the organization, Chicago saw this as an opportunity to attempt to get some good trade value for one of their other veteran quarterbacks. The Bears have both Andy Dalton and Nick Foles on their depth chart, and while it would be great for Fields to learn under both veterans, according to Adam Caplan of Fox Sports and Sirius XM, Chicago tried trading Nick Foles during the offseason

Keeping both quarterbacks on the roster at their price tag doesn’t seem logical, and since Chicago just signed Andy Dalton to a $10M one year deal, it only makes sense that they would try and shop Nick Foles around.

“They fully guaranteed his $8M back in March, he’s on the football team and he’s not moving,” Caplan said. “They tried to trade him to Philly and other teams, nobody wanted him so he’s still there.”

Apparently, the Bears struggled to find a suitor for Foles. Last year, Chicago was the only team interesetd in picking him up from Jacksonville. With that said, the NFL trade deadline isn’t until November 3rd and odds are, a quarterback is likely to go down and Foles will become a hot prospect. But for now, it looks like he’ll be in Chicago for the time being.

When you have a free moment, check out this video below of former NFL punter and current WWE Smackdown Live commentator has to say about nobody being interested in Nick Foles right now.

In other NFL news, Zach Wilson had his first workout with the New York Jets earlier this week. While he is the presumed starter, Wilson indicated that the position has to be “earned” and appears to be more concerned with learning the Jets offense.

“Obviously, that’s important, but that’s not my focus right now,” he said. “My focus is to learn the offense, keep getting better every single day, do what I can with the guys around me. And I think the rest takes care of itself. In this position, the coaches want to play the best player, and that position’s got to be earned. I got to go in there and I got to make sure I do what I’m supposed to do. And that will take care of itself.”

The hope is that Wilson acclimates quickly and is able to start Week 1 for New York. To hear more about what Wilson said in regards to taking the starting role for the Jets, check out the video below.


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