Bears fans are in for a rough season

Alright, before I get into this one, let me just apologize for the obvious headline. That was literally the polar opposite of clickbait. You’d be more inclined to click an article if it read ‘Sky is Blue’ today, but the thing about the Bear’s fans still needed to be said. As a Cowboys fan, I just came off an Andy Dalton season myself, and wow are the Bears in for a rough one, especially considering they’ll be leaving Justin Fields on the bench.

After watching pretty much every Andy Dalton pass attempt last season, I think the best way to describe him is: ‘painfully mediocre.’ He’ll make some gritty plays and convert a third down here and there, the guy does give a shit ton of effort, but when Andy’s down 3 with the ball in the fourth quarter, just turn off the TV. It’s not happening.

To make things worse for Bears fans, Dalton was average with insane weapons last year. Now he’s swapping out guys like Zeke, Amari, and Ceedee Lamb for dudes like Darnell Mooney and Anthony Miller, a slight downgrade. Plus, he’s gonna have to deal with the stress of Justin Fields breathing down his neck all season. Sucks, but it still won’t compare to the stress Bears fans are gonna have watching this dude all year.

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