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Beach Bash Turns into Beach Blast as Police Pepper-Spray Partygoers

A beach bash in Huntington Beach, California turned into a beach blast after party goers allegedly got a bit too wild, with some setting off fireworks. The police eventually showed up, becoming a wet blanket for the partygoers as they declared the Tik-Tok planned party an “unlawful assembly.” TMZ is reporting:

An estimated thousand people swarmed the beachside community Saturday night and police broke up the bash that was called “Adrian’s Kickback.”

The party was advertised on Tiktok and went viral — with users all over the country chiming in on the possible bash. The viral vids clearly did the trick, with hordes of people filing the SoCal beach and streets.

In a scene reminiscent of The B-52’s 1980 classic, “Party Gone Out of Bounds,” the beach bash proved why we can’t have anything nice.

The TMZ report elaborated how:

The crowd started to form at around 6:30 PM and things got rowdy pretty quickly. By 7:30 it was going full bore and then the fireworks started going off. By around 11:30 PM … cops made their move, declaring the event an unlawful assembly.

With TMZ reporting “121 adults and 28 juveniles were arrested and booked for various charges including vandalism, the firing of dangerous/illegal fireworks, failure to disperse, and curfew violations” it’s apparent that today’s kids just don’t know how to enjoy a good bash at the beach. What’s happened to the days when Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon could get their friends together for some singing, dancing, and not-so-heavy petting?

In what will likely be entered into evidence at a future court hearing, someone tweeted:

Los Angeles videographer Sean Carmitchel caught footage of the post-fireworks fireworks:

Don’t be surprised to see more festive occasions as a public tired of sitting at home in quarantine for over a year looks to let loose. No word if current Vice-President Kamala Harris plans on bailing out any of the partygoers.

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