In an amazing start to the 2019 season, the New England Patriots dominated the Pittsburgh Steelers 33-3… and its only Week 1! Before the game started there was the Sixth banner drop reveal for the patriots and lemme tell ya, there is room for at least two more banners after having to renovate for banner five 😉

Robert Kraft and former Patriot stars came out with all six of the Lombardi trophies having Robert Gronkowski open up the ceremony with an iconic Gronk Spike 🏈💥 Once the game got started it was slow, but soon enough there was no stopping Tom Brady and his weapons: Julian Edelman (Jules), Josh Gordon (Flash), Phillip Dorsett (PD-13) just to name a few.

In addition to last night, the Patriots also signed Antonio Brown (Boomin) for what seems to be an unstoppable team. Brown was signed hours after the Oakland Raiders released him, because that’s what Brown asked them to do; because he is a troublemaker (and I love it!).

Some takeaways from last night’s game as well: Mike Tomlin won’t be head coach for the Steelers by mid-season; Ben Roethlisberger will retire at the end of the season; AFC East stands non chance against the Patriot Way.

Patriots will now incorporate Boomin into next Sunday’s game at 1 PM against the Miami Dolphins (where multiple players have requested to be traded due to the loss against the Baltimore Ravens).



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