Battle Of The Old Dudes: Anderson Silva vs Tito Ortiz In Triller Boxing Match

Written by Incognito

The circus gets stranger. As previously reported, it was announced that former boxing champion, Oscar De La Hoya (48), will fight former UFC champion, Vitor Belfort (44), on September 11th in a Triller boxing match sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission.

Triller has added another round of old retired fighters to the card in former UFC champions Tito Ortiz (46) vs Anderson Silva (46). Silva is a former UFC champion and legend of the sport. In June, he boxed former WBC middleweight champion, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in an eight-round fight. Silva won by split decision and threw nearly 400 punches against Chavez, while Chavez Jr threw 153 punches.

Ortiz is an MMA legend and former UFC champion in his own right. Ortiz’s last MMA fight was in 2019 before he won a seat in the Huntington Beach City Council.

This Triller fight card is completely baffling. Does anyone really want to see these fights? An old former UFC fighter turned hobby boxer vs a former city council member…what are we doing here? I’m sure it’ll be your typical Triller event with random performances, TikTok star appearances, Snoop Dogg commentating, and smoke machines on full blast. Stop the madness. Enough with these older fighters coming out of retirement and fighting in a circus-sideshow-like event. Go lounge in the backyard by your pool and enjoy not taking any further brain damage.
Silva Last Fight (Boxing)
Tito Ortiz Last Fight (MMA)

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