Written by BatmanBruce

When the week 17 game between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers was looked at on the schedule, I doubt anyone expected to see the two starting quarterbacks to be Robert Griffin III and Devlin Hodges. In fact, I’d go as far as saying even most Steelers fans didn’t even know who ‘Duck’ Hodges was.

At the same time, while Lamar Jackson started the season as the Ravens starter, few expected him to be sitting because Baltimore had wrapped up home field advantage throughout the playoffs on the legs and especially the ridiculously successful arm on what will most likely be the NFL MVP.

However, between rest and injuries, these two teams will be playing with different goals in mind. Sure the Ravens would like to see their backups complete the season series sweep of the Steelers, after their OT 26-23 Win in Pittsburgh earlier this season. A loss on the other hand, really doesn’t mean anything to the AFC North Champion Ravens but Pittsburgh will be fighting for their post season lives, needing a win and a Tennessee Titans loss to secure a Wild Card spot in the playoffs.

Not that long ago, this rivalry was considered one of the most intense in all of football, with most games decided by a field goal or less. Whether this game lives up to the hype of past matchups remains to be seen, both teams fans still want to see their team win, be it with Ben Roethlisberger and Lamar Jackson, or even RG3 and Duck Hodges.

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A lifelong Baltimore sports fan, especially football, from the old Baltimore Colts to the Baltimore Ravens. A legendary college intramural sports star in his own mind, currently fighting Father Time by being a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, all while being a good father and grandfather, accompanied in life by his two dogs, Murphy (English Bulldog) and Scooter (Bichon Frisée).