Bath and Body Works Brawl Leads to Thrills and Spills

A recent brawl at a Bath and Body Works is serving as a reminder not to mess with store clerks, many who are at a breaking point after a year of coronapocalypse customer craziness. While the details are scant on what led to this pier-six brawl, the video speaks for itself:

Anyone who has worked in retail knows that there are some customers who need a good ass-kicking. However, the code of customer service states that you can’t haul off on a customer, no matter how much of a pain in the ass they are. This video suggests that the code of customer service could soon be canceled.

One never knows where a catfight will break out

This video should serve as a reminder to anyone in management to have a cadre of women on hand should a furious female go into berserker mode. These B&B broads promptly dispatched of the angry consumer and an apparent helped, taking things to the floor in a sloppy, but effective manner. Truthfully, All Elite Wrestling should consider hiring these Bath and Body Works employees as trainers for its hapless women’s division.

Are women the most dangerous of the species? This video may not be conclusive evidence but it’s enough to keep me from acting up in Bath and Body Works.

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