Basketball Star To Millionaire Marijuana Tycoon After Giving His Grandma Some Weed; Here is How Much Al Harrington Says His Business is Worth

Written by TrevStone

It seems like more and more retired professional athletes are starting to get into the marijuana business, and it’s probably the smartest investment that they could get into.

From the ability to actually help these players mentally and physically and now more money in their pocket? The industry is a win-win.

Former NBA star, Al Harrington described that his grandmother was the main inspiration behind starting his marijuana business.

Harrington’s grandmother, Viola, is visited him in Denver while he was a member of the Denver Nuggets. His grandmother had been suffering from a number of issues including diabetes and glaucoma. She suffered from constant pain and what was most important to her, she couldn’t read her Bible… everyday.. Like she did in the past.

With Colorado having legalized cannabis a decade prior, Harrington made a suggestion to his grandmother, he asked her to just try it.

To which Viola replied:

“I ain’t smoking no reefer!”

The next day he brought cannabis with him and again asked her to try some, at first she relented, then she tried it, and then afterwards said:

“I’m healed!”

Harrington started his company, Viola with $5 million of his own money. Which allowed his cousin to handle the company while he was still in the NBA until he ultimately left the league in 2014.

His company has now turned into a $100 million business.

Harrington has 70 individuals across 4 different states, including in Oregon, where he first planted his own marijuana plants that are working for him.

“At the end of the day — and I want you to put this in there, because it’s the truth — I’m not doing it for the money.” 

“Money will come and go, but I’m more focused on service and products and patients. If we take care of them, the money will be there.”

“Leagues say health and safety is first. If that’s the case, stop prescribing opioids and giving prescription pills and shooting these NFL players up to be able to go compete. They walk away from the game and their quality of life (expletive) sucks, and if cannabis can help them and give them quality of life, they should look into it.”

Congrats to the Al. More players need to look into investing in this industry.

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