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Barstool’s Newest Podcast Rasslin’ With Brandon F. Walker

Written by JohnnyB

I mean barstool covers a lot of culture and sports. They have their fingers in almost everything. The off the top rope podcast even had wrestling before it was canceled. Now, finally they have another wrestling show.

With BFW at the helm you know it’s going to be insightful and entertaining as hell. I’m sure he will have Robbie, Jared, Clem, Carl all on to talk the good old days and what’s hot now. If you watch the dozen trivia show or listen to BFW you know his knowledge in wrestling is second to none.

I’m guessing with Nardini stepping in on the board at WWE they will be getting amazing guests on the show from the biggest wrestling company. Oh did I mention it’s BFW podcast? That means Big Trouble Ben Bishop will be involved somehow and everyone needs to see this up and coming indie star. So good luck BWalk I know it will be the number 1 wrestling pod in two weeks. So definitely like and subscribe.

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