Barstool’s “Chicks In The Office” Is Being Nominated For A People’s Choice Award #SexistBarstool @BarstoolRia @BarstoolFran @ChicksInTheOff

Written by austenlange

Hit podcast Chicks In the Office is being nominated after this year for a People’s Choice Award and I can’t think of anyone more deserving. These girls quite literally go above and beyond when it comes to the call of duty.

They spend countless hours going through tabloid stories and making them interesting and even relatable for their listeners. The star studded combo of Fran and Ria is one that seems to be a rocket ship that is taking off very rapidly.

I know I know, many people say it’s just a ladies podcast but I disagree. I will occasionally catch myself in a WORMHOLE on their Tik Tok page so I can stay relevant in the news!

Portnoy has been a very ridiculed man throughout his past and has even taken some recent shots. However, his intentions still seem clear. Put anyone who is willing to grind and push through the bull crap to make their lives successful. Many call him a sexist man and while we don’t know his full thoughts and intentions it really does not seem to stop him from placing women into positions of power. From Fran and Ria, to Alex Cooper. I mean fuck he even hired a woman CEO for Christ sakes.

Fran and Ria will continue to keep the grind going with Chicks In the Office and seeing them get the acknowledgment they deserve is great. So go do your part and help these wonderful people out and get them that award!!

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