Barstool Sports Hotties With A Body Influencers TikTok

Barstool Sports’s Ria Ciuffo And Brianna Chickenfry Shake Their Asses At Barstool HQ! @barstoolria @bchickenfry

Written by Chris Powers

Both Ria Ciuffo and Brianna Chickenfry have become internet sensations since working at Barstool Sports. Individually both ladies stand out, but when working together they generate even more noise. Don’t believe me, then you are clearly missing out on their TikTok channel.

If you haven’t followed either of them on TikTok, you absolutely need to do so. Ria and Brianna have a great TikTok segment called “Welcome To The Girls [email protected] whereby both of them tend to shake their asses to whatever song they feel like blasting that week.

Check out one of their more recent segments below and be sure to share and like this blog on Twitter!

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