When it comes to Barstool Sports and their founder, Dave Portnoy, nothing comes as a surprise to me. I could make the argument he is as unpredictable as anyone. I have been a fan of Barstool for a long time, and I will admit, I never saw a podcast like ” Call Her Daddy ” coming, I never saw Deion Sanders ever being a possibility, and I certainly never thought he would move to Philly to take over the gambling world. There always has been one goal of his that he has been very public about, and that is he would like to Sponsor a Stadium somewhere. In fact this past August he was quoted saying ” We ( Barstool ) are very serious about buying the naming rights of the Buffalo Bills Stadium ”

While that goal is certainly still possible, and i would never bet against Dave Portnoy accomplishing whatever he wants. There has been another opportunity that has presented, and Dave is eager to take advantage. The 2020 Independence Bowl has been cancelled for the first time in 45 years due to teams pulling out for Covid reasons. This has left the Army football team without an opponent, and a world of disappointment. Army very much wants to still play in a Bowl game, and give their team a chance to win 10 games this year. This is where Dave comes in.

It may not be the stadium sponsorship that he wants, but putting on a bowl game for one of the nations military schools, isn’t a bad alternative so far. Now hopefully, we can just find Army an opponent. Trust me, the stadium is coming.


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