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Barstool Sports To Hire Tommy Cheeseballs | @stoolpresidente

Written by TrevStone

Barstool Sports is going to be hiring one of the most famous Internet legends, Tommy Cheeseballs.

Dave Portnoy brought Tommy on to The Dave Portnoy Show and while they were chatting it became very easy to see that he would fit in perfect with the entire Barstool crew.

Currently he’s working as a construction worker, he’s Internet famous for being the founder of Jersey Shore.

It’s unclear the exact role that he would play but it seems like he would figure it out quickly. He has over 20,000 followers on TikTok. Portnoy was in disbelief that other networks haven’t followed him around with cameras because of how unique he is.

“If you told me a month ago that Tommy Cheeaeballs is going to end up working at Barstool, I’d be like ‘we don’t even know where he is’ but he’s going to end up working at Barstool. I’m not sure what’s he’s going to do.”

You can watch the episode here:

He’s also making TikToks and Instagram videos which is more than majority of Barstool employees.

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