Barstool Sports says Addison Rae is a top ten singer of all-time; Proves why everyone on Twitter is a complete idiot

Written by Noah Gagnon

Today Barstool Sports tweeted out a ‘ten best female singers of all time list,’ and of course, Twitter is in a complete frenzy about it. They put Addison Rae as the tenth best singer of all time, and wow are people not happy about that. The tweet has been, as they say, ‘ratio’d’ pretty heavily. Here’s the list.

Call me naive, but I really cannot comprehend how anyone takes this seriously, and then is mad enough to angrily tweet about it. Look at some of these replies.

The people actually mad about this have to be some of the dumbest, most idiotic and ignorant people on the planet. I might put a list out with Charli D’amelio as the greatest actress of our generation and see if I get some traction on Twitter.

And you know what? I could really do without the Addy Rae slander. Is she a top ten all-time singer right now? Probably not. Could she get there? Absolutely. I have faith in my queen, and I could really do wthout all these dweebs on Twitter going after her vocal abilities.

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