Barstool Sports Hotties With A Body TikTok

Barstool Sports Ria Ciuffo Twerks All Over Brianna Chickenfry!

I mean, I’m not sure what exactly there is to say that the headline of this article doesn’t already say itself. Seriously, what else can actually be said?

I guess for starters, for the benefit of those who have no idea who these two girls are, both Brianna and Ria work for Barstool Sports as bloggers and podcasters. Both girls are in their 20’s and have promising careers ahead of them.

A couple of months ago, Brianna and Ria posted a video on their TikTok accounts that likely got the attention of male Stoolies across the world of them shaking their asses on one another. You read that correctly. Shaking their asses on one another.

I guess all that is really left is for you readers to see the video for yourself. Check it out below!

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