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Barstool Sports Is Wrongfully Being Sued Over Popular Clown Shirt @stoolpresidente @EKANardini

Barstool Sports is being sued over the popular Clown Shirt and its bullshit because Dave Portnoy bought the design properly and now that he is rich they’re wanting money although they were able to sell the same shirt.

According to TMZ: Barstool Sports is being sued over its most iconic image — Sad Roger — with the guys who allegedly created the shot of Roger Goodell with a clown nose claiming Barstool has been using it without permission. The guys behind the suit are Jake Bernier, Kenneth LeMarier and Joseph Bernier … who claim they created Sad Roger and licensed it to Barstool for a “one-time use in 2015.” In their lawsuit, filed Monday in federal court in New York, the alleged creators claim Barstool never got permission to use the image after that one-time usage license in 2015 … and they’re pissed. The guys claim they’re entitled to $150,000 for every time Barstool infringed on their copyright — though they haven’t specified exactly how much money they want from the suit.

Dave posted about this, which he didn’t have to because the guys on vacation and he has a cold but after he included these screenshots it’s all the proof we need.

Maybe Dave could toss him a couple thousand for having this design take off, maybe he should, but even if he doesn’t it shouldn’t matter because he bought it properly.

Go Pres Go!


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