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Barstool Sports Employees To Be Locked In Escape Room For Cyber Monday

Written by mrbillylocks

Barstool Sports is doing their 5th annual Cyber Monday Telethon tonight which is always must watch content.

This year Brandon Walker, Glenny Balls, White Sox Dave, and Kate are being locked in an escape room to compete in challenges in order to find a key to escape.

An extra obstacle they will face is for every $30,000 of Barstool merch sold on their store, it’ll add an hour onto how long they will be locked inside the room. In 2019, they sold $214,000 worth of merch during their Cyber Monday telethon. If they reach that number again, the foursome will look at staying trapped in the escape room for an EXTRA 7 HOURS!

If you want to see these four have a miserable night, buy some merch from the Barstool store, where everything is discounted 20% off. You will also receive a phone number to call in to the participating employees upon receipt of your order.

The telethon begins at 7pm ET.

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