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Barstool Sports, Constantly Accused of Sexism, Partners with USWNT for Ticker-Tape Parade Celebration

Written by Tanner Johnson

Barstool Sports, the bad boys of the internet, who have been accused countless times of being a bunch of frat boy, sexist and misogynistic jerks, were ALL OVER the USWNT ticker-tape parade today. Not to mention, they have been one of the biggest social media influencers this entire Women’s World Cup.

Barstool Sports isn’t perfect and I’m not here to say they are, but the media obviously misrepresents them over and over and over again. The mainstream media won’t even mention or share great content made by members of the damn team that just won the World Cup, just because it’s on Barstool’s platform. They deserve the credit and this little blogger is going to give them just that.

If you know me, you know I’m a huge Stoolie, and I’m not ashamed of that at all. I’ve bought some merch, I listen to the Sirius shows and podcasts, and I’ve donated to a number of their charity fundraisers when I can. Do you know who hasn’t donated or even advertised all the good things Barstool does? The blue checkmark brigade that knows Barstool as a whole is a great group of people, but they need the clicks so they push this false narrative.

Christen Press, Forward for the World Cup Champs USWNT, who happened to score the opening goal against England in the quarter-finals, REACHED OUT to Barstool to set something up for the parade. This gal is probably experiencing the greatest time of her life and she reached out to the supposedly sexist, allegedly misogynistic Barstool Sports to share in her celebrations. She ran their IG all day today and it was awesome!

I am not a soccer fan at all, but I found it way easier to follow along and get into the sport recently once Barstool started covering it. And knowing that the USWNT has Stoolies on the team makes them and what they’re doing way more relatable to guys like me; which is only going to help grow the sport and spread the word on their movement to help women across the world.

I’ll stop ranting because I know the people who hate Barstool are always going to hate Barstool, but I’m the type to point out the good AND bad about people. Barstool is doing great things for the sport of soccer and women in general.

Congrats to the USWNT- you’re one of the greatest dynasties in sports and definitely soccer, and you’ve got a fan in me from here on out! These gals can party and if you haven’t been following along with them on social, get after it because they look like a blast! I’d love to shotgun a beer or slam some champagne with them!!

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