As of 3:00 p.m. Eastern time, the barstool fund has reached a total of $2,051,127 ( Updated every 5 min at )

To this point, over 32,000 people have either donated money, or purchased T-Shirts to help get to the 2 million dollar mark. Portnoy seems to be on a mission today as he has taken to Twitter to ask for support, and call out others ( Whit ) for their lack there of. In a very generous gesture, Kevin Hayes of the Philadelphia Flyers, and Team Portnoy member pledged to donate $25,000 himself. This then lead Dave to call out a Hockey guy of his own, one that Dave says he really put on the map, Co host of Spitin’ Chiclets, Ryan Whitney.

Knowing the Ryan Whitney would step up to the plate, his Co-Host, Paul Bissonnette ( Biz ) stepped up as well. This was a brilliant move by Portnoy, as it as started a snow ball of donations amongst others. Mike Repole, Founder of Body Armour, called in with a donation of 100k, and said he would double that if 9 people match the 100k. If another 9 people match the 100k, he will add 200k on top. I wouldn’t be shocked if Mike is writing Dave a check for $300k before kickoff of Tulane and Nevada tonight (Lets go Over 56!!!)

Very excited and optimistic many more Athletes, Celebrities, Millionaires, and Billionaires jump on board with Barstool for this amazing cause. So far, funds have been sent to 4 restaurants, that’s 4 businesses that hopefully can hopefully rest a little bit easier. 4 down, many many more to go. VIVA


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