Barry Sanders Makes Appearance on Pat McAfee Show, Talks About Retirement and Calvin Johnson

Written by Will

Lions legend, Barry Sanders, made an appearance on the Pat McAfee show today. Of course, when everyone thinks about Barry Sanders, it’s either about how great he was or about his early retirement. It’s interesting to hear Barry talk about his retirement. Everyone says the reason Barry retired was because of the Lions inability to help him. Some of that is for sure true, but here Sanders say the main was basically because he didn’t have the same drive or passion anymore. I’m more in the middle, it was a mixture of both. After ply ten years and not ever winning the big game, that’s gonna kill some of the passion. That’s what happened with Sanders.

Then Pat McAfee gets into Barry and Calvin Johnson’s current relationship:

Barry and Calvin had a similar career. Great players stuck on some bad teams that retired early. It sucks Calvin and the Lions haven’t made up. That is on the Lions. Just pay the man his money, he deserves it. You have to think, that if anyone can get Calvin and the Lions back on the same page, it would be another great player who retired early. Hopefully, one day we will see Calvin play a role in the organization just like Barry.

Barry and Pat discussed more Lions topics. You can check out those clips below:

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