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Balto to Power Up Sport Pools

Written by Nate

Just in time for the NFL season to begin comes a new sports pool platform called Balto. 

Balto is a company that powers up any sport betting pool and allows anyone to setup any pool they want. 

The platform can be set up for events such as the NCAA March Madness, the NFL regular season and even TV shows, such as the Bachelor. 

Balto is also not just for sports; fans can construct a pool for gaming. One example includes a pool being set for the Fortnite game. 

Famous people including Pat McAfee and Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana have used this platform and promoted their own pools.  

In the meantime, the company is currently seeking fantasy football gurus and people that have a loyal following behind them. They would like to have someone who can use Balto as an x-factor to engage with the fans. 

While using the website, Balto has many features within the platform such as payment tracking, payment processor (it’s currently in the works), social engagement, and in-depth sports data via SportRadar to enhance UX for those with an affinity to gamble.

Balto’s main goal is to revitalize the way sports fans can engage with each other. Such as bringing up competitiveness and trash talk that any average sports fan enjoys. 

By abiding to the main goal, pool hosts have found that the platform very beneficial as they have been able to engage with their audience and fans in a much easier way, turning regular fans into lifelong fans. 

The website is It is free to use and play. 

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