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Baltimore Ravens To Release Quarterback? Why Lamar Jackson Did Not Receive Contract Extension!

Written by Chris Powers

The year of 2021 has been filled with quarterback controversy more than any other year that I can remember. Whether it’s new quarterbacks being drafted threatening the position of veteran players, legal issues surrounding players, or even veteran players demanding trades, this year has been full of drama in the quarterback position.

As far as the Baltimore Ravens go, one would surmise that Lamar Jackson is likely very safe in his role as the starting quarterback. With that said, rumor has it that undrafted free agent of the 2021 NFL Draft and former Monmouth quarterback Kenji Bahar will most likely not end up making the team. The thought process is that Behar was likely brought in to simply be another “arm” for the minicamps and poses little to no threat to Baltimore’s other backups, Tyler Huntley and Trace McSorley.

In other NFL news, rumor has it that the Baltimore Ravens have not signed a contract extension with starting quarterback Lamar Jackson simply because they want to wait and see what the Browns do with Baker Mayfield and what the Bills do with Josh Allen. Aside from that, they may want to see how Jackson performs in the upcoming season before paying him a boatload of money.

Ravens quarterbacks coach James Urban had the following to say about Jackson and contract talks with Baltimore:

“I don’t think it’ll be a distraction,” Urban told reporters Wednesday, via ESPN. “I don’t think he worries about that. He seems to be the same old guy that he is all the time. So I don’t really have many concerns there.

Jackson also recently commented about how much he loves the city of Baltimore and would love to stay in the city to play for the Ravens long term. Check out what he had to say below:

“I would love to be here forever,” Jackson said after Wednesday’s offseason practice. “I love Baltimore. I love the whole organization. I love everybody in the building. Hopefully, we’ll be making something happen pretty soon whenever.” “I’m really focused on the season, and I’m focused on trying to win,” Jackson said. “I’m not really worried about if it gets done this year or next year. We’re going to see. We don’t know yet.”

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