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Baltimore Ravens Release Quarterback In Surprise Move; What’s Next For Lamar Jackson?

The 2021 offseason has without question been the year of controversy in the quarterback position. It seems like more than half of the teams in the NFL have had issues at the quarterback role. Most notably, the Green Bay Packers situation with Aaron Rodgers was the primary focus of news feeds during this offseason. But there are also many other teams that are in questionable shape at the QB role.

Some of those teams are Washington, Denver, New England, Chicago, San Francisco, and Houston to name a few. Some of those situations are the mere fact that teams don’t know who their starter will be. Others are a situation whereby a rookie player of the future was drafted, and the current starting quarterback for the team may be under fire.

One thing is for certain though, and that is the the Baltimore Ravens are heading into the upcoming NFL season knowing that Lamar Jackson is without question their starting quarterback. However, it came to light recently that the Ravens did release one of their backup quarterbacks.

At a recent press conference, Jackson was told that an unnamed official claimed that “This was the year that people were going to figure out Lamar Jackson.” See what Jackson had to say in response to the comment below. Surprisingly, he handled the comment very well and did show any anger whatsoever.

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