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Baker Signs With New Orleans Saints; Mayfield’s Updated Contract Status

Written by Chris Powers

What an off-season this has been for the NFL. It seems like every year there is one prominent storyline to the NFL off-season, and this year it just so happens to be quarterback turmoil across the NFL

The biggest focal point of quarterback turmoil has been Baker Mayfield’s status in Cleveland. As everyone knows by now, a few weeks ago the Browns signed the hottest free agent in the NFL, DeShaun Watson, to be Mayfield’s replacement.

In regards to Mayfield’s current contract status, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, NFL teams are interested in Mayfield but not at his 2022 salary ($18.8 million), which is fully guaranteed and counts entirely against the NFL salary cap.

In other NFL news, and this flew under the radar a few months back, but former 7th round draft pick Kawaan Baker signed a future/reserve contract with the New Orleans Saints back in January. He actually signed a four year rookie deal with the Saints back in 2021 but was then waived.

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