Baker Mayfield Will Be Traded Before This Key Date!

Written by TrevStone

Baker Mayfield has been the talk of the offseason, where will the former Heisman trophy winner end up going? As the Cleveland Browns look to move forward from Mayfield they’ve a big decision to make. Where is he going to end up?

There have been rumors that he might end up being traded to Detroit:

There have been rumors that he might end up being traded to Houston:

Could the Steelers be an option?

These are just rumors right now but with the NFL draft coming up this Thursday we’ve learned that he might be on the move before then! Another place people thought he might land is Carolina but according to reports they won’t be making a move prior to night 1 of the draft:

Could he be on the move for only a fifth round pick? Why wouldn’t teams be calling?

As a Detroit Lions fan, hell… I’d trade a late pick for Baker. But then you’d be stuck with Goff and Mayfield. Goff’s contract is ridiculously high as well.

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